Housing Services

Technology4you offre un servizio housing pensato per implementare, velocizzare e ottimizzare tutte le applicazioni informatiche dell’albergo. Installando un Server on site, or using cloud technology, you can get maximum performance from your hotel management programs. Benefit you and your customers.

Alcune applicazioni informatiche richiedono infrastrutture complesse e dispendiose: noi di Technology4you ti proponiamo di collocare i servizi digitali dell’hotel in un apposito server, per svilupparli e sfruttarne appieno le potenzialità, risparmiando così Space e risorse.

L’offerta housing hotel di Technology4you presenta anche un prezioso strumento per tutelare operatività e continuità aziendali: è Backup4you, our instant server backup software with which to protect and duplicate (in real time) administrative and management data.

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Less cost, more ductility

The housing services, thanks to the server installed on site, allow to maximize the yield of all the software. The savings in terms of investment is obvious, as well as the convenience of concentrating on-site maintenance and safety activities.

Your details in the safe

Backup4you is a backup server and data recovery service that guarantees, in real time, the protection and replication of applications and management information. The reliability of Backup4you ensures productivity and operational continuity.

Safety and maintenance

From the moment of installation of the housing services we guarantee maximum safety and complete assistance, in-house or remotely. Every year we run the recovery simulation tests, breaking down the servers to verify that they are working properly.

Your hotel on the cloud

If you want to achieve the top performance for your computer services in terms of speed, security and reliability, choose cloud computing. An agile and lightweight solution: it allows you to install programs and applications on the virtual server – the ' cloud ', in fact – eliminating the costs of buying and maintaining hardware components.